1. Rules
Cordoba Cup will be played in accordance with applicable sections of the FIFA rules and the Argentina Football Asociation rules. In questions of interpretations of FIFA rules, the English text applies.

2. Rules of the game
The club has to be a member of their FIFA affiliated national association. In countries where football is operated by the schools we also allow teams affiliated by their school football association
The teams are divided into groups of three, four or five where all the teams will meet in a round robin series. The order among the teams will be decided according to points. Three points will be awarded for a win, one point for a draw and 0 points for a lost.
If two or more teams have the same number of points, the order will be decided as follows:
1. Results of match(es) between teams with equal points.
2. Goal difference between teams with equal points.
3. Goal difference in the group.
4. Highest number of goals scored.
5. Penalty kick contest according to FIFA rules.
Play off – Golden and Silver Cup
The two best teams in each group will advance to Golden Cup. The other teams in the group will advance to the Silver Cup. All play off games will be decided by the cup system, i.e. by direct elimination. A draw in the play off will be decided by penalty kicks according to FIFA rules.

3. Classes (2014-2015)

B17 – Boys born 1/1-2004 and later
B16 – Boys born 1/1-2005 and later
B15 – Boys born 1/1-2006 and later
B14 – Boys born 1/1-2007 and later
B13 – Boys born 1/1-2008 and later
B12 – Boys born 1/1-2009 and later
B11 – Boys born 1/1-2010 and later
B10 – Boys born 1/1-2011 and later (7 - a - side)
B09 – Boys born 1/1-2012 and later (7 - a - side)
B08 – Boys born 1/1-2013 and later (7 - a - side)
B07 – Boys born 1/1-2014 and later (7 - a - side)

Free – Girls born 1/1-2004 and earlier

4. Playing period
All the classes Groups and Play off Golden and Silver Cup: 2×20 minutes.

5. Number of players
No team may use more than 18 players in a match. A substituted player may reenter in the match. Notice that the game has to be stopped and the referee has to be informed by substitution. The player that will be substituted has to leave the field before the new player can enter the field. Incorrect substitutions will be punished with a yellow card. There is maximum number of players on the participant list, i.e. 18 players.
In classes B10, B9, B8 and B7, 12 players can be used for the same game but only 7 can be on the field at the same time.

6. Proof of age/participant list
Each team must submit a list of players to the Cordoba Cup administration before their first match in the tournament. All players MUST be able to identify themselves and to certify their age with a valid passport. At this time each player on the list must be present and show proof of identity and age. The list is to be shown upon request from Cordoba officials. Single players can join at a later time, provided that they are listed on the first given Participants' list and that the player shows valid identification at the Central Information, before he/she plays his/her first game. Teams using non eligible players can be excluded from the tournament.

7. Important match details
Team list: A written team list (special forms will be distributed up on arrival). The number each player has on the Participants' list must be the same as the number of the shirt. All players on the team list are considered as if they have participated in the game. Random controls of team lists and Participants' lists will be carried out.
Players uniforms: All team shirts must be numbered and the numbers must correspond to the numbers on the team list. Numbers must be on the backs of the shirts. Two players may not use the same number in any given match. If the referee decides that one team should change shirts due to similarity to the opposing team's shirts, the team appearing last in the match schedule must change.
Before and after the game: All teams should be ready at the field no later than 15 minutes before kick-off. The team manager must make sure that his players are adequately insured. All players MUST wear shinguards. The teams are responsible for their supporters conduct. Every responsible team officials (coach) must immediately after the match sign the referee's match card in order to confirm match results and records of yellow and red cards and other events during the game. Failure to sign may result in a notification to the Cordoba Cup competition jury.
Balls: All matches are played using balls of size 5, except for classes B11, B10, B9 and B8 who use size 4.

8. Soccer 7-a-side
Classes B10, B9, B8 and B7 play 7-a-side (one goalkeeper and 6 players). The offside rule is not applicable. It is not allowed to pass the ball to the goalkeeper and he/she are not allowed to pick up the ball with the hands. Goal kick can be done from the ground or from the hands of the goalkeeper. He can also throw the ball. Sending-Off at obvious goal-scoring opportunity is not valid.

9. Referees
Referees are members of the Cordobesa Football Cooperative. There will be assistant referees in the following games:
Group games and Golden and Silver Cup in classes B17, B16, B15, B14, B13, B12, B11 and Girls.
The coordinator for the referees during the tournament will be available at the Central Information. If you have comments or an idea about referee you are more than welcome.

10. Tournament jury
The jury of the tournament consists of representatives of the Cordobesa Football League. The jury handles protests and sanction matters. Their decisions cannot be appealed.

11. Protest and sanctions
Any and all protests must be made in writing by the team manager. Protests must be delivered to the Central Information, no later than 90 minutes after the match is finished. A protest fee of USD 100 will be paid at that time. This fee will be returned if the protest is approved. The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with the play are final. (FIFA rule no. 5). No measures will be taken on protests on decisions made by referees.

12. Cautions and Sending-Off Offences
Any player given a red card is automatically suspended from participation in the following match.
The tournament jury can decide about suspension for further game(s) in case of a direct red card.
Yellow cards are not accumulated.
Severe offences will be reported to the FA of the nation concerned.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If a player that is suspended is participates in a game, the team with the suspended player loses automatically the game with 0 x 1.

13. Walk over
Any team not appearing at the appointed time and place for a match can be declared looser by 0 x 1, after a decision by the jury. If a team repeatedly fails to appear at the games, the team may be excluded from the tournament. In special cases, the tournament jury may decide to exclude a team at the first offence, i.e. if a deliberate WO favours the own team or is unfair to another team in the group.
If a match is interrupted for some reason and can't be played to the end the jury will decide if the game has to be replayed, or restarted from the minute when it was interrupted, or if the result will be fixed or if one of the teams or both teams lose 0 x 1.

14. Match fields
All the playing fields are grass or artificial turf.
The fields have been divided into the following areas: Complejo La Amistad, Universidad Católica, Predio de Talleres y Polideportivo AGEC.
In case of bad weather conditions games may be changed to gravel fields or decided by penalty kicks or drawing of lots.

15. Regulations for accommodation
The team manager as indicated on the Participants' list is responsible for any damage caused by his/her players. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is absolutely forbidden in the schools. Silence is prescribed in each school between 11 PM. – 6 AM. Before departure you have to clean your sleeping room.
To prevent fire: Smoking is prohibited in the schools. It is forbidden to cook (for instance make coffee) in the sleeping facilities and corridors. It is forbidden to put combustibles in the corridors, or to move out desks and chairs etc. Please note that the doors between the corridors and the stairs should be closed.

Failure to comply to these rules will be dealt with by the jury and may result in exclusion from the tournament and lodgings.

16. Insurance and responsability
Make sure that all your players are insured both on and off the playing field. Cordoba Cup does not carry any group insurance protecting participants in case of injury, illness, theft or damage to property. Cordoba Cup is in no way responsible for injury or economic loss which may arise in the case of war, warlike events, civil war, revolution or civil disturbances or because of the actions of the authorities, strikes, lockouts, blockades or similar events. Participants from countries that have no medical insurance agreement with Sweden must have personal medical insurance. Please do not keep any money or valuables in your housing.



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