Which are the aims of the organization?

To generate a real social sport meeting institutions, the amateurs teams and low divisions from different national and foreigner football clubs. To integrate friendship and solidarity by the interaction of the sportsmen in their environment, without discrimination and with a common aim: to play and to enjoy this sport, learning of the different cultures and customs of every team. To transform to CORDOBA CUP into the most important infantile and juvenile Tournament of Argentina, being the place of meeting of the teams from Argentina and the World under our original motto FOOTBALL WITHOUT BORDERS, across the sport all the barriers are ruined. Cordoba is also your home!

When do we receive a confirmation that we are registered?

To begin with, we will send you a confirmation that we have received your registration (this is not a confirmation that you will participate in the tournament). Once we have received your team fee you will be sent a confirmation and you are considered registered in the tournament. Your payment for the accommodation will be confirmed in the beginning of November or January. All the confirmations will be sent by e-mail if we have your e-mail address, otherwise you will receive confirmations by post.

Which is the last date to register and pay?

The last dates to register and pay the team fee are November 7, 2021 or February 10, 2022. Last dates to pay the accommodation cost are November 10, 2021 or February 5, 2022. Be aware that the first teams that have registered and paid the team fee will be prioritized when reaching the maximum number of teams accepted in each category. Have in mind that most of the categories are fully booked long before the last day to register.

Why is there a limit how many teams to register in each category?

The mission of the Cordoba Cup is to create a meeting place for young people from different cultures, regardless of religion and skin colour. The initial idea was to accommodate all players and leaders at schools which would be the natural meeting place. Still the majority of the teams stay at housing, but we have also chosen to offer other alternatives for a limited number of teams. Further, the Cordoba Cup will be the most international tournament in the America. To keep the standard of internationalization we need to make sure that no single country dominates. No teams should play against each other that normally play in the same series.

How do we make a housing, hostel or hotel reservation for the team?

We can offer lodging in hotel for maximum 100 teams. The first 100 teams registered for hotel accommodation and that has paid the team fee will have priority. Make your team registration in category B and Cordoba Cup will contact you regarding a possible hotel reservation. A deposit (25 % of the total cost for the room(s)) should be paid to Cordoba Cup 30 days after receiving the confirmation. The total payment has to be paid before November 10th, 2012 or February 5th, 2013 and a name list should be sent to Cordoba Cup. Please contact Cordoba Cup for price information to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

How many adults are allowed to stay in the housing?

There is no limit for adults.

How many players can we have in the team?

There is no limit to the number of players in each team, but no team may sign up more than 18 players in a game (11-a-side) and 12 players (7-a-side) on the participants' list for each game.

We want to stay in a specific housing. Is that possible?

Mark your preference on the registrations form.

How many games will we play?

You will play 3 or 4 games in the first round, depending on if your group has 3 or 4 or 5 teams. From each group the 2 first placed teams advance to Golden Cup and 3-5 placed teams advance to Silver Cup. All plays off games will be decided by the cup system, i.e. by direct elimination.

How will the age be controlled?

Each team must submit a list of players to the Cordoba Cup administration before its first game in the tournament. All players MUST be able to identify themselves and to certify their age with a valid passport or document. For players from countries where a passport id is not required when entering Argentine the least requirement is to present attested picture identification.

What rules applies to foreign teams?

Foreign teams have to follow the rules that apply for each country. Since most countries belong to FIFA, the rules are very alike around the world. The basic rule that applies everywhere is that each player has to be licensed to play with the team you play for in the Cordoba Cup.

When are the finals played?

You find the final schedule under Week Program in the menu.

Where is a certain class playing?

All the classes for the same team will be playing at just one location. The tournament takes place at different fields all over Cordoba.



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