CORDOBA CUP offers you tranquillity, safety and confidence to each teams, including a partial or total life insurance to every player, or member of the team technical body or spectator during the day previous and posterior to the championship development.

This insurance is totally free because CORDOBA CUP affords it, as other advantage. We think in your Well-being as protagonist of the event. We also add a protected area system among the sport place in case o emergencies or fortuitous. Being part of our responsibility of look alter every participant.

CORDOBA CUP has an agreement of mutual help with the Children's Hospital of the Province of Cordoba where the attention will be favoured for the participants of the championship.

During the development of the championships a service of ambulance will be in permanent form with a paramedic at every hour that lasts the development of the event, also supported by the attention of three doctors registered as minimum.

On the other hand, there will be safety personnel and police necessary service to guard over the correct order and the cordial living together of all the delegations participants in the land, as this way also in the places of housing. Our staff behaves discreetly and diligently with the participants in order to enjoy great soccer.


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